Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes - PC Game [FINAL]

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Drop your axe and pick up your plow because there's farming to be done! Take the role of an 8th century Viking who'd rather run a farm than raid and pillage foreign lands. You'll work up a sweat as you raise ye olde animals, produce ye olde goods, and beat ye olde clock during tons of challenging Time Management levels. Packed with more thrills than a horn of honey beer, Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes offers a fresh experience that will delight longtime fans and newcomers alike!
- Raise ye olde animals!
- Incredible upgrades
- Fantastic levels
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System Requirements:
Filesize: 219.10 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 1024 MB
DirectX: 9.0
HDD: 276 MB
Story of Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes was written by professional Time Management tale writers, plenty of corking locations and peaceful casual games of peerless Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes will be a real pleasure for small children, youth and by adult. All admirers of this fantastical Time Management genre PC games will liked Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes. Realistic and alluring note even deeper take a fancy players in the ambiance of noble dimension, secret tale, plenty engrossing opportunities and premium gaming system will not allow them to be bored for plenty classy hours spent playing. 
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In newest incredible PC game Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes you must use different awards to overcome calls on your way up. What was extraordinary about them is that they were totally fitting into ravishing photoplay of Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes and whereabouts you were in. The challenge level of this moving Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes game is rather medium. If it does get too hard, there are hints in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes to help you out. The splendid combination of genres, based on Time Management, in lively computer game Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes will excite all fans of these PC games. 
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Today we are releasing new part of Farm Frenzy Time management game series - Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes. It dedicated to creation and development of 8th century viking farm. You will build authentic viking buildings, raise viking animals - horses, wolfs, squirrels, yaks and sheep. So become this unusual viking, that rather to use his plow and build a funny farm, than attack another countries and burn towns to the ground.

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