Hidden Object

After your son, Bobby, mysteriously disappears, it's up to you to find him in Surface: The Mystery of Another World!

When Houdini’s promises of contact from beyond go unkept, his wife comes to you in a final plea to unravel his mysterious passing!

Use a mystical locket to explore a magical world and save a young girl in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows!

Stop the young prodigy and save everyone from his evil plans in Maestro: Notes of Life!

After waking up in an abandoned building, you find that you've been drugged and cannot remember who you are!

Save your people from an invading force in Shaolin Mystery: Revenge of the Terracotta Warriors!

After an archeologist releases the element of water, it's up to you to restore the balance of the elements in Temple of Life: The Legend of Four Elements!

Take on another incredible mystery in Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale! Investigate a strange murder and get to the bottom of a complicated case.

The day famed mystery writer Adora Graves died the lights went out in the city of Beacon as the Revenge of the Spirit!

End a centuries-old war between the Guardians and the Clan of the Nine in 9: The Dark Side!

Journey into the mythical Snowfall Kingdom and investigate the disappearance of children in Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen!

Stop the villainous Visage from ruining Mardi Gras in Shattered Minds: Masquerade!

Find a powerful amulet to stop an ancient evil in this amazing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Explore a terrifying tale in Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness! Find out why an entire expedition team is dead...

After growing up an orphan, a mysterious photo showing your parents arrives! Track down your real parents in The Keepers: Lost Progeny!

Save your sister from Bluebeard’s Castle in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Strange figures have taken over a small town in Hallowed Legends 2: Templar!

Unravel the mystery of disappearance as you explore beautiful Italian landscapes in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Explore a haunted amusement park in Weird Park: Broken Tune!

Committed: The Mystery at Shady Pines finds you strapped to a bed inside of an abandoned hospital!

After dragging Tim through a mysterious portal, Dr. Blackmore reveals his newest atrocity: a world that makes the fears of children a reality. Help the hapless victims confront their fears!

In Reincarnations: Back to the Reality four angry entities insist that you return to the past and correct your own mistakes!

Investigate the sudden death of his beloved Victorine. After her passing, Victorine’s husband, who she has no love for, has her buried incredibly quickly...

Enter the weird and wonderful realm of legend in Oddly Enough: Piped Piper...

Haunted by memories connected with the Beach House left behind forty years ago, Sandra must return to the place she’s been trying to forget all of her life..
The fate of the kingdom is in your hands in Echoes of the Past – The Citadels of Time!

Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor Collector's Edition  picture
There's a terrible secret hidden deep within Lockwood Manor. Uncover the truth in order to save your best friend...
Once upon a time, deep within the heart of a kingdom, a charming prince was cursed by a scorned enchantress...
Explore the forsaken hamlet of Ravenhill, then travel the world’s wealthiest city...
A small town lies devastated after being ravaged by a terrible flood. The townsfolk hide away, whispering of the Bronze Horseman!