Dark Dimensions 6: Shadow Pirouette Game Download

Help your college friend Ashley to survive in dark dimension, formed in Everton, her hometown in Dark Dimensions 6: Shadow Pirouette PC Game from Daily Magic Productions!

Ashley working at the radio in Everton and not long ago someone started to stalk her. Police was unable to help and stop shadowy figure, so Ashley asked you to come and help her. But when you arrived, situation in Everton changed to worse. Dark Dimension fully formed and shadows are attacking locals and kidnapping them. Town is evacuating, locals are fighting shadows using special lanterns with glowing crystals. Your bus crashed after the shadow attack and you awakened trapped in the hospital and surrounded by the shadows. Find a way out, fight shadows and meet with Ashley… if she’s still alive.

Download sixth installment of Dark Dimensions series and find out how this attack of the shadows connected with the local theatre with 200 years history! This Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure won’t let you to stay unaffected!
Extraordinary Dark Dimensions 6 game is free download Puzzle/Hidden Object/Adventure game for PC. From time to time in playful Dark Dimensions 6: Shadow Pirouette game you will have to combine various items in twists or use them by some way. There are some arcane levels in Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette, where you'll search for a huge amount prizes.
Combination of genres, based on festive Adventure, Hidden Object mechanics in admirable Shadow Pirouette game will take breath of all lovers of such PC games. Dark Dimensions 6: Shadow Pirouette Collector's Edition is one more proof that Puzzle Adventure Hidden Object casual games are getting more luscious and serious but still remain expedite and ravishing. Plenty of perfect maps and surprises, original opportunities and ritzy chapter in exciting Dark Dimensions Chapter 6: Shadow Pirouette CE PC game will consume the gamers from outset to ending.

System requirements:
RAM: 1024 MB
HDD: 429 MB
CPU: 1.4 GHz
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
DirectX: 9.0

Dark Dimensions 6: Shadow Pirouette Game Download,
9.03 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

>>Dark Dimensions 6: Shadow Pirouette Game Download

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