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As the manager of Haunted Domains, you're in charge of tending to the needs of an assortment of amusing creatures of the night. Guide Sheila Sullivan as she checks in guests, serves dinner, cleans rooms, and performs special tasks in an effort to keep her ghoulish guests happy. Purchase magical upgrades that make Sheila work faster, decorate your hotels to suit the macabre tastes of your guests, and enlist the help of Igor when things get out of hand in this fun Time Management game!
All neophytes of original Arcade & Action, Time Management PC, Mac games will be impressed by this amazingly the best Haunted Domains PC, Mac game. Find loads of enigmatic invocations and you will be impressed by extra surprising awards, it will be the fantastical amusement for all. Both skilled players and Johnny Raws will appreciate unbelievable easy game process, the best video and delicate melody in tremendous Haunted Domains PC, Mac game.
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This game is unusual for Time Management, Sim genre. You are running a hotel as it's manager (it's usual) but visiotors of your hotel is ghosts, vampires, zombies, ghouls, vere-wolfs, Frankenstein, mad scientists etc. All of them has their own dark needs: brains for zombies, blood for vampires... And as hotel manager you should make your guests happy... by any means necessary.

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