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Guide your group of magical Keepers in their quest to save their home, a giant tree named Dryandra, from a mysterious invasion. Help them fight off the invaders by guiding their attacks through exciting Match 3 levels in Keepers of Dryandra! Discover the source of the invasion and defeat the unprovoked attack before it’s too late!
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Keepers of Dryandra is the goluptious PC game with so many involved tests, hidden honors and involved conundrums. Keepers of Dryandra contain zones with different rules and conditions, rare and super-duper flora and fauna, so many hidden dark dungeons, tests towns and various ancient castles with blithe architecture - all this awaits for new Match 3 games adventure seekers. All worshippers of enchanting Match 3 PC games genre must play Keepers of Dryandra game. Also fairy Keepers of Dryandra game will be gripping for rookies, who just met the dimension of casual PC games. 
When you are looking at Keepers of Dryandra for the first time, it's look like usual Match 3 game: complete three-in-a-row of the similar gems and in the end you win. But after closer look you can see, that Keepers of Dryandra is more like Puzzle Quest style game. You and your enemy has their own units with lifebars, successfull completing of Match 3 will result a strike on your enemy. That diffrence from the usual Match 3 games makes Keepers of Dryandra many times more interesting.

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