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 Find proof that you were framed for two murders that you didn’t commit in Them: The Summoning! Stay a step ahead of the investigator who is on your tail and find an ally in a familair spirit. Scour beautiful Hidden Object scenes and save your own skin! Solve puzzles and avoid the law as you explore Southern Europe in Them: The Summoning!

If you've played other transcendent Hidden Object, Puzzle genre PC games, then Them: The Summoning will be instantly familiar. In killing Them: The Summoning game being follows the ordinary Hidden Object, Puzzle genre rede, but pretty premium class video sequence with so many usable surprises, killing, light sound design and so many cheery placings, red-blooded configuration creating new dimension of Hidden Object, Puzzle PC games. All possible Hidden Object, Puzzle brain teasers can be found in the new Hidden Object, Puzzle PC game Them: The Summoning. Start download Them: The Summoning game right now and entertain!

  1. Beautiful locations
  2. Amazing gameplay
  3. Prove that you were framed!

System requirements:
DirectX: 6.0
RAM: 128 MB
Hard Drive: 653 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: 600 Mhz
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Meet the majestic startling Hidden Object, Puzzle PC game of all your being - Them: The Summoning. Be careful not to lose yourself entirely in the immense milieu of Them: The Summoning PC game, or you will become not available for your friends and family until you reach the ending of unique Them: The Summoning conclusion! Them: The Summoning early levels are easy, and the Hidden Object, Puzzle rules are not that demanding, but unique, later levels, full of tickling riddles, become increasingly hectic. The best Them: The Summoning strategy is to keep moving. Download noble Them: The Summoning PC game for free and enjoy! 

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In this game, you, unusually for Hidden Object genre, are accused of committing two murders. This is lie, you didn't kill anyone, but the law doesn't know that. So you must run away from cops and find proof of your innocence by yourself. Unexpectedly, some familiar spirit will help you to leave behind smart detective, trying to catch you, and to find all necessary clues.

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