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Barb never thought she’d win, but she did in Family Vacation: California. Her submission to be a contestant on the game show; The Price is Nice! was accepted and she and her family are on their way to sunny California. It’s up to you to help them get to their destination safe and happy. You’ll have to help them pack, get to the airport on time, board the plane, have a safe flight and get to their hotel at the other end.
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Family Vacation California holds usable configuration, facetious video sequence and soft soundtrack, this gorgeous Hidden Object, Puzzle PC, Mac game has a look and sound of perfection. It will be evaluated by all PC, Mac gamers, who hope to play something dandy in diverse Hidden Object, Puzzle genre. Family Vacation California is so much better than a great deal of others of Hidden Object, Puzzle genre. Family Vacation California holds emotive turns of the recital so you get to travel to different parts of the game Realm. Start free download and kvell with this dandy PC, Mac game Family Vacation California! 
System requirements:
CPU: 1.2 GHz
Hard Drive: 188 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/Mac OS 10.5
RAM: 512 MB
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Family Vacation California PC, Mac game screenplay was written by professional screenplay writers. Many additional rich mini games and unreal localities of topnotch Family Vacation California game will be a real fiesta for parents and children. The lovable videosequence of Family Vacation California will touch the hearts of all neophytes of rare Hidden Object, Puzzle genre. Be rewarded with various rewards by solving plenty of difficult objectives in one 'trail'. Bonuses will work automatically and are going to introduce in your being plenty of fiesta and additional fun!
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15+ challenging puzzles
25+ Levels over 8 chapters
Fun for the whole family

Usually when we start playing new Hidden Object game, we are going to meet some strange and twisted story. Most of stories are detective, many of them - mystical. We are fighting with vengeful ghosts, defeating dark cults and evil creatures, stopping hideous plans of crazy scientists... None of this can be found in Family Vacation California Hidden object game. This game is devoted to the whole family, including even little kids, it tells us kind and pleasant story about traveling to California and winning usual contest. All gameplay is about this travel - packing stuff, searching for everything needed in the long travel. This game won't frighten you, contrary it will bring a lot of pleasure and smiles.

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