Oddly Enough: Pied Piper - PC Game Complete version

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 Enter the weird and wonderful realm of legend in Oddly Enough: Piped Piper, an enchanting Hidden Object adventure that puts a quirky twist on a classic tale. Interact with memorable characters, decipher mind-melting codes, repair bizarre machines, and cook up strange concoctions in a quest to rescue the children of Hamelin. Packed with compelling puzzles, masterful minigames, and stunning design work, Oddly Enough: Pied Piper has something for everyone!

Incredible gameplay
Save the children!
Wonderful locations
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 Oddly Enough: Pied Piper is a newly released Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure game, it is the gleeful PC game, designed by the real professionals. The portraiture of Oddly Enough: Pied Piper are just as inimitable and cute as in premium Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure genre games. Oddly Enough: Pied Piper game is big enough to give amusement to you for several hours. The conquering entrancing script and music will become pleasant presents to all who like to play inimitable PC games. When you come into eximious Oddly Enough: Pied Piper universe you will discover all the charms of Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure genre.
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System requirements:
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 381 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: 1.6 GHz
DirectX: 9.0
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This groovy Oddly Enough: Pied Piper PC game will be loved by any eager beavers of this sunny and timeless Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure genre as one of it's high-quality assignees. The adorable depictions is very aglare and sensational, it contribute needed aura together with the high-quality music. Included A1 obstacles, so many whereabouts and pot and prime script in Oddly Enough: Pied Piper PC game will make the player happy from inception to accomplishment. On this tops website you can always find superb reality's premier PC games, just like Oddly Enough: Pied Piper.
Oddly Enough: Pied Piper telling us the story of Hamelin Pied Piper. As you remember from the legend, Pied Piper save the city of Hamelin from the rats invasion. But when Hamelin citizens show themselves ungrateful, Pied Piper decided to punish them. He played strange melody on his reedpipe and all children of Hamelin were charmed. They are followed Pied Piper to the river, where all of them were drowned (according to another version of the legend, Pied Piper bring them directly to hell through the hole in the ground). Will you be able to save those children?

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