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Help Matthew Hunter break a curse in Relics: Dark Hours! The terrifying curse has already taken his family and he’s next… unless he’s able to track down the ancient artifacts. Help him explore a haunted High School and find the Relics that are now scattered, after his father sold them. Interact with the dead to get helpful hints and clues in this incredible Adventure game. Save Matthew Hunter’s life in Relics: Dark Hours!

System requirements:
CPU: 600 Mhz
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Hard Drive: 1266 MB
DirectX: 9.0 or above
RAM: 256 MB
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Get clues from ghosts
Find the Relics!
Break the family curse

Everything: enigmatical and polished narration, many unequaled placements, tender soundtrack and pretty pictures are just parts of the various Relics: Dark Hours game dimension, waiting for you. Some Adventure scenes of Relics: Dark Hours seem to be more cluttered, but that doesn't go too far. In Relics: Dark Hours there are various tasks for you as you go on your quest. The various accomplishment of sunny Relics: Dark Hours PC game will leave no one uninterested. Are you one of followers of immersive Adventure? Then you must download this unequaled PC game.
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Completely ritzy cushy gameplay, attractive tuneful chime and premium hand drawn rendering in topping Adventure PC game Relics: Dark Hours will be estimated by all players who desire to play something nonpareil and topnotch. Relics: Dark Hours PC game will capture any player, from novice to occupational, you will fascinate into red-blooded universe of this game. Start to download precious Relics: Dark Hours PC game for free and have fun with this smashing Adventure game.
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You have a few small problems in this game: first of all, all your family is dead, destroyed by the terrible course. Second - now this curse is after you, Matthew! You haven't much time to break it, or curse will break you! It's a death race, your life and death are on stake! And the worst: you have no idea, how to remove this curse, and everyone who can help you, are already dead! So the only way left for you - ask the dead!

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