Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope (FINAL) 433.06 MB

Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope (FINAL) 433.06 MB. Come to the town of your childhood, where you haven't been for five years after receiving invitation from your old friend Emmett Le Roi, that promised you to organize meeting with your sister Margaret in Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope game! Problem with this situation is the reason, why you have left that town - your sister Margaret were killed there five years ago! So what is it: Emmett lost his mind, or maybe it's about powerful magic, able to cheat death? Travel to this town, defeat the monster, controlling minds of the townsfolk and find the alchemical crucible in this mystical Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure! The Collector's Edition will include:
  • Extra Gameplay
  •  Wallpapers
  • Concept Art
  • Music
  • Free search
  • Puzzles


Title Post: Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope (FINAL) 433.06 MB
Rating: 89% based on 505, ratings 4.45 user reviews.
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