Settlers of the West (FINAL) 86.78 MB

Settlers of the West (FINAL) 86.78 MB. Your first goal is to build an additional Settler Home. So again: select the Build Spot, next press the Home button. Lastly, press the Settler Home button. In a few seconds you'll have and additional home for a Settler to move into!
Notice the difference between a Settler without a job (below) and a Settler with a job (the Builder): Settlers without a job don't have a hat on and like to nap! To complete your next goal and hire a Settler to the job of Builder: Press and Hold the left mouse button to grab the jobless Settler. Continue holding the left mouse button and drag the Settler to the Construction Yard. Great! Now give the Settler a few seconds to be trained as a Builder...
Hire your remaining Settler without a job to be a Builder to complete this Settlement's goals! Just a few more seconds and you'll have a 3 Builders! It must be my lucky day: a new job and the wind delivered new hat to work in! By the way, what's your name...? Wait, where'd he go? That's strange... He must be a busy. And now so are we, we've got a job to do!


Title Post: Settlers of the West (FINAL) 86.78 MB
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